Abstract Submission  

Abstracts that do not meet the requirements may not be accepted. We are calling for abstract submissions. Please submit your abstract online by March 14, 2021. Some oral presentations will be selected from submitted abstracts, and announced by March 23, 2021.


  • Abstracts should consist of the following sections: title, authors, authors¬†organization(s), body, keywords.
  • Body should include research intention, methods, results and conclusion and WITHIN 300 words. Tables or figures can not be included in the abstracts.
  • Abstracts should be related with the theme or topics of the symposium.


  • Times New Roman font with size 11. Double space between paragraphs.
  • Apply boldingitalicsunderlining, superscripts and subscripts in your main text as you want it to appear in your final abstract.
  • For each author, enter the full first name, any middle initials, and the full last name.