Coastal ecosystems is known as one of the most productive ecosystems on the Earth, and they are playing vital roles in maintaining environmental health, sustaining economic development, and preserving biodiversity. They are also playing an increasingly important role in mitigating climate change and environmental degradation. However, coastal ecosystems are facing unprecedented challenges in the context of global change and increasing anthropogenic activities. Coastal ecosystems have become one of the most vulnerable ecosystems in the world.

“International Symposium on Coastal Ecosystems and Global Change” will be held on Apr 16-19, 2021 in Xiamen, China. 2021 also marks the 100th anniversary of Xiamen University and we welcome you to join us in celebrating the centenary. The theme of this conference is coastal ecosystems and global change. All experts and researchers from the world are welcome! See you in beautiful Xiamen!

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Scientific Committee
Dr. Yonglong Lu, SCOPE, PSA, and Xiamen University, China
Dr. Michael Elliott, University of Hull, UK
Dr. Nils Chr. Stenseth, Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters & University of Oslo, Norway
Dr. Robert Costanza, Australian National University, Australia
Dr. Venugopalan Ittekkot, University of Bremen, Germany
Dr. Eun-Shik Kim, INTECOL, and Kookmin University, South Korea
Dr. Ken Krauss, United States Geological Survey, USA
Dr. Hartwig Kremer, Global Environmental Monitoring Unit, United Nations Environment Program
Dr. Catherine Ellen Lovelock, Queensland University, Australia
Dr. Jack Middelburg, Utrecht University, The Netherlands
Dr. Steven Pennings, University of Houston, USA
Dr. Jon Samseth, SCOPE, and Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway
Dr. Neville Sweijd, Alliance for Collaboration on Climate and Earth Systems Science, South Africa
Dr. Martin Visbeck, GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel, Germany
Dr. Yingjia Shen, Xiamen University, China